Citizens For Sound Money

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About Us

Our Mission

We are on a mission to champion the adoption and use of sound money, advocating for robust free-market monetary policies and fair trading practices for sound money-related assets. Through our legislative outreach division, we’re taking our advocacy to the next level, directly influencing policy at all levels of government.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear. We aim to create a world where sound money principles are standard, not an exception. By advocating for sound money, we strive to create a more stable and sustainable monetary system for future generations.

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Why We Matter

Why does our mission matter? In an increasingly digital and global economy, the principles of sound money are more important than ever. Sound money provides a stable store of value, protects against inflation, and promotes economic prosperity for all.

Our Journey

Our journey began with a recognition of the critical role that sound money plays in our economy and our society. Our founders, experienced in the fields of finance, politics, and technology, saw an opportunity and seized it. They wanted to educate the public about the importance of sound money and, therefore, began to advocate for policies that support its use.

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Who We Are

Let’s introduce our team

Jim Forsythe
Jim Forsythe

Jim Forsythe – Chairman

Starting his career in the US Air Force, Jim Forsythe later ran for and won a seat in the New Hampshire Senate, representing the 4th District from 2010 to 2012. During the 2012 Presidential election, he represented Ron Paul as his state chair for New Hampshire. Currently, Jim resides in Maryland and works as an aerospace engineer. His advocacy for sound money extends to many fronts, including precious metals and asset-backed digital currency. In his free time, he partners in a precious metals company, Silverback Precious Metals, and invents new casting tech with Forsythe Engineering. As a frequent speaker at conferences, Jim’s insights on the importance of sound money have made him a sought-after educator.

Jim is available to speak on Sound Money.

Marian L. Ward
Executive Director
Marian Ward

Marian L. Ward – Exec. Director

Marian L. Ward has spent a significant part of her career working for political campaigns, including Ron Paul ’08 and ’12, and nonprofits. She holds a BA and an MA in communication and occasionally teaches the college speech class everyone hates. Marian is a lover of her shelter mutt, Red Molly, coffee, Pittsburgh Steeler football, and her plethora of nieces and nephews. In her spare time, she enjoys oil painting in the style of Bob Ross, creating happy little trees and mountains.

Daniel Diaz
Legislative Director

Daniel Diaz – Legislative Director

A fervent advocate for civil liberties and financial freedom, Daniel Diaz is a first-generation Cuban American. He has dedicated his career to empowering individuals through financial education and political activism. With a background as a stockbroker and financial advisor, he has always been committed to helping others navigate the complexities of finance. Initially skeptical about Bitcoin, Daniel’s entrepreneurial spirit led him to delve into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Once he recognized their potential to revolutionize not only finance but also individual and political freedom, he embraced these emerging technologies. Today, Daniel applies his extensive knowledge and passion to advocate for sound money principles, championing the cause of financial freedom in the digital age.

Looking for Speakers?

Looking for speakers on sound money, ABDCs, or the future of money? Online event or live and in person, we have options available.

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