Our Mission
  1. To promote the adoption and use of sound money, sound monetary policy, and fair trading for sound money related assets.
  2. To provide ongoing representation for individuals and entities using or providing services related to sound money to influence policy at any level of government
Who We Are

Jim Forsythe, Chairman

Aerospace Engineer. NH State Senator 2010-2012. USAF Pilot(1990-2003). Citizens for Sound Money Chair, Former Ron Paul NH Campaign Chair, PM Investor.



Marian Ward, Executive Director


Adjunct Instructor at Arkansas State University Three Rivers. Former Director of Donor relations at Campaign for Liberty and many-hat wearer for Ron Paul ’08 and ’12. Dog Mom to Red Molly. Originally from Santa Fe, Texas. 

Our Vision

Gold and Silver were chosen as money by the people, not by governments. They have withstood the test of time to serve as a medium of exchange and a store of value.  We believe it is time that the people again chose to use sound money. In these modern times it is natural for there to be a crypto/blockchain component to sound money.